death wish

Death Wish Coffee: It can actually kill you?

There is nothing more badass then something you put in your body with a morbid name such as Death Wish. Usually such products with wild names do not last long. Remember the energy drink labeled Cocaine? I’m no ...

admin - October 9, 2017
Vaping caffeine

Vaping Caffeine. Is it possible and is it harmful?

Image provided by Vaping is a new fad and everyone is doing it from teenagers to older smokers who want to kick habits from classic nicotine cigarettes. Vaping has reached a point where many ...

admin - May 4, 2017
Caffeine cup coffee

3 Huge myths about coffee and other things you need to know.

Caffeine has been regarded as the most widely consumed food/drug in the world. Coffee benefits help in some aspects of both the physical and mental performance, even alertness. Though, there are confusing statements ...

admin - March 25, 2017