Coffee Holder Umbrella

Coffee Holder Umbrella frees up one of your hands.

June 3, 2017 0

Hold on to your hats. Now, you can actually do that while holding several other things thanks to EK Designs new umbrella coffee holder. The point is that you will have one hand free while traversing the concrete jungle; looking for the IZOD showroom that you swear should be “right here” but instead you see a nail salon. I digress. EK Designs has created an umbrella with a peculiar-looking handle.

Coffee Holder Umbrella

This handle enables you to hold a coffee or any sort of cup or object that fits snugly into the provided hole. It is a very beautiful design. This coffee holder umbrella will make your life easier. The handle and stem remains black among it’s eight colorways. The colors include green, brown, black, orange, baby pink, neon pink, bright yellow, and blue.

“This coffee holder umbrella will make your life easier.” is a Korean website and retailer so if you’re in the United States or the United Kingdom, expect a an inflated ship time and good luck placing an order. I’m sure google can translate the login and order page for you but if you don’t know Korean it could be troublesome to get your hands on such an interesting accessory.

If you’re pressed for time and do not feel like going through the hassle of ordering from a Korean website, there are other options for cup holder umbrellas. For example, Bed Bath & Beyond has a brand called Bugaboo that sells a cup holder umbrella. This Bugaboo umbrella is less impressive with the design. I looks cheap but the quality may be p to standard. I would hope so with a price tag like $44.99. The actual cup holding device looks like it swivels or ratchets which doesn’t seem like a good idea because we only hold our cups one way and the swiveling aspect leaves room for future malfunction.

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