The K-cup, Does a smaller cup of coffee waste a Pod?

May 26, 2017 0

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to use a higher end Keurig then you’ve probably seen the option for various cup sizes. One can see that the cup icon to the far left looks like a espresso shot. I naturally assumed that if you put in a k-cup and chose the espresso shot, that you would receive a strong, 1 oz. shot of caffeine. The truth of the matter is that you need pressurized hot water to make proper espresso. And Keurig has machines for that specific need.

“The pour pressure through the k-cup seemed to be consistent for all cup sizes.”

I’ve been lucky enough to use a higher end Keurig on the weekly basis. After Using the Keurig for a few months, I was able to explore all of the cup options. The pour pressure through the k-cup seemed to be consistent for all cup sizes. This means that if you use the same k-cup to make a large cup of coffee that you would a small cup, you may be wasting grounds. Keurig only offers one k-cup size. Keurig even says on their FAQ section that their [specific brewer] does not make espresso or drinks that involve espresso:

Q: Does the brewer make espresso or cappuccino?
A: Our K-Cup® Brewing Systems do not offer any cappuccino, latte or espresso pods. This brewer is meant for consumers who drink regular coffee, tea and hot cocoa beverages

There are Keurigs that have a variable strength setting. So now the questions is, is the variable strength setting on the K55, for example, useful at all? When I reached out the Keurig for some clarification on their strength setting, I received a vague answer. Is the strength control actually just temperature control? if not, what exactly happens when you turn the strength up or down? I don’t believe the Keurigs have variable pressure settings for the water which makes me think this feature may be a gimmick. More research needs to be done. The consensus as far as wasted grounds from small brews is proved due to physics. When comparing the minimum and maximum amount of water that can be ran through a k-cup, the smaller cup size will leave some brew-able material in the pod.

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