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Vaping Caffeine. Is it possible and is it harmful?

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Vaping is a new fad and everyone is doing it from teenagers to older smokers who want to kick habits from classic nicotine cigarettes. Vaping has reached a point where many people prefer to administer their drug of choice via vapor. First nicotine, then THC, and now caffeine. Laboratories that create e-juice acquire caffeine in it’s liquid form and then proceed to mix it with various flavors to create a pleasant vaping experience.

Toxicity and Safety

Vaping caffeine is not officially considered as safe. The person vaping should take into account the rate at which they are ingesting the drug because excess amounts of anything is bad for one’s health. One should also take into account the type of liquid they are buying. There are two types of vaping liquid bases, vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG).  Most e-liquids use a combination of both vg and pg. It is important to note what kind of liquid you are getting. There are known cases of customers experience allergic reactions to a certain liquid. Furthermore, if a customer is not directly allergic to one of the e-liquid bases, the combination of caffeine and vg or pg might cause irritation. To know what’s best for you, take it slow at first. Look the video below for more information.

How to get started vaping caffeine

You can buy standalone vapes which will take specific cartridges or tanks. Or you can go the enthusiast route and build your own vaping device where the tank can be filled with caffeine, nicotine, or plain flavor. There are various companies that sell caffeinated ejuice. The standalone vapes look like a metal cigarette and often don’t have any buttons. They are small, cheap, discreet, and easy to assemble and conceal. The larger boxy-looking vapes are for people that like to get bigger puffs. The vaping community likes to refer to the puffs as “clouds”. Bigger vapes are able to be modded which means you can change the battery, case, mouth piece, tank, coils etc.

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